Will a Commercial Lawn Service Also Do Irrigation Maintenance?

In order to keep your lawn looking healthy and green, regular care and maintenance is required. If not, your lawn will be dry and full of weeds.  It’s best to make regular appointments with commercial lawn services that help you to keep a beautiful exterior.  The irrigation maintenance service of the trained team will help you to keep your space green, thick and healthy. Some of the benefits commercial lawn services provide include the following:

Why irrigation maintenance for your home

Keeping a lawn can be a big investment, which is why it is necessary for you to properly take care of your lawn by clearing away dead leaves and debris during cold or warm seasons. Using a commercial lawn service also assures that your lawn is mowed to keep your grass tidy and appealing all twelve months of the year. Aeration and dethatching also make sure your lawn is well preserved. But, the commercial lawn service does not necessarily include irrigation maintenance unless stated otherwise.

How to go about your irrigation maintenance

When it comes to irrigation maintenance, commercial lawn services also help in this aspect. When it comes to maintaining your lawn, proper irrigation is very essential. Most times, improper watering is one of the reasons for an unattractive lawn. Water that is not properly circulated might end up damaging your lawn, which is why irrigation services are important. Irrigation services provided include:

  • Wet checks
  • Plumbing
  • Inspection of water coverage
  • Replacements and repairs of parts

The amount of water your lawn will need may vary. This is why it’s important to hire professionals who can help keep your lawn lush and healthy.  Since the cost of water is expensive, commercial irrigation could save you a lot of money that could go to other parts of your business. With the right services, your lawn can be well taken care of.


You can hire the lawn care service to manage your lawn and also ensure the irrigation is done the right way. But, most lawn companies do not include irrigation as part of their service.  Go on and benefit from the service of the lawn service company to keep your irrigation in a perfect order. It is what you need to achieve curb appeal of your lawn and landscape.