Digging Tools That Commercial Landscapers Use Regularly

For many who are into landscaping, it is essential to have the right tools required for the task at hand. Landscaping is an industry that requires the use of several tools for commercial purposes. In the case of digging, the equipment that is to be used depends mainly upon the size of the hole and the amount of dirt that needs to be removed. Some of the important machinery commercial landscaper’s use for digging includes:

The Excavators:

These are mainly used for shoveling large amounts of soil and dirt which makes them ideal for wide areas. They can also be used to lift large objects and demolish structures.

Compact track loaders:

These are essential for ground preparation, leveling and finishing work. They are the tool needed to ensure  fast and efficient digging to any debt. That is what made it the regular digging tools for all the landscapers.

Wheel loaders:

A wheel loader is used for many reasons, but mainly for moving materials and carrying heavy loads. Landscapers have this as one of their digging tools. So, if you are getting into landscaping service, you must learn how to make use of wheel loaders.

Multi terrain loaders:

These are capable of working in every natural condition except for open water. Just as then name sound, it is used in multi terrain landscaping service.

As much as heavy machinery is important to have as commercial landscapers, it may not always be necessary. Some tools required for proper landscaping are much simpler and can be just as useful as heavy machinery. A number of these tools include:


A lawnmower is an important aspect of a landscaper’s toolkit, as it is ideal for gardening and cutting grass quickly and effectively. Using a commercial lawn mower is perfect for the job although it may be more expensive than a simple residential lawn mower.


Shovels are ideal for digging, gathering and spreading compost, and planting. There are several varieties of shovels such as digging shovels and flat shovels. Each one has their unique purpose. It is important to get a shovel with a blade that comes to a point and is suitable for your weight and build.

Shears, Glove and garden rake: Mostly used for reaching areas that cannot be operated on by the lawnmower such as pathways and flower gardens. There are manual and electrical operated models. Using proper gloves reduces the risk of injuries from sharp object like branches, bark and thorns. The rakes are used for tilling(loosening) the soil rather than for cleanup.


In the landscaping industry, there a vast amount of tools required for the best results in commercial landscaping. Understanding the task at hand is important as this will determine what kind of tool or machinery to make use of.