Will a Commercial Lawn Service Also Do Irrigation Maintenance?

In order to keep your lawn looking healthy and green, regular care and maintenance is required. If not, your lawn will be dry and full of weeds.  It’s best to make regular appointments with commercial lawn services that help you to keep a beautiful exterior.  The irrigation maintenance service of the trained team will help you to keep your space green, thick and healthy. Some of the benefits commercial lawn services provide include the following:

Why irrigation maintenance for your home

Keeping a lawn can be a big investment, which is why it is necessary for you to properly take care of your lawn by clearing away dead leaves and debris during cold or warm seasons. Using a commercial lawn service also assures that your lawn is mowed to keep your grass tidy and appealing all twelve months of the year. Aeration and dethatching also make sure your lawn is well preserved. But, the commercial lawn service does not necessarily include irrigation maintenance unless stated otherwise.

How to go about your irrigation maintenance

When it comes to irrigation maintenance, commercial lawn services also help in this aspect. When it comes to maintaining your lawn, proper irrigation is very essential. Most times, improper watering is one of the reasons for an unattractive lawn. Water that is not properly circulated might end up damaging your lawn, which is why irrigation services are important. Irrigation services provided include:

  • Wet checks
  • Plumbing
  • Inspection of water coverage
  • Replacements and repairs of parts

The amount of water your lawn will need may vary. This is why it’s important to hire professionals who can help keep your lawn lush and healthy.  Since the cost of water is expensive, commercial irrigation could save you a lot of money that could go to other parts of your business. With the right services, your lawn can be well taken care of.


You can hire the lawn care service to manage your lawn and also ensure the irrigation is done the right way. But, most lawn companies do not include irrigation as part of their service.  Go on and benefit from the service of the lawn service company to keep your irrigation in a perfect order. It is what you need to achieve curb appeal of your lawn and landscape.

Digging Tools That Commercial Landscapers Use Regularly

For many who are into landscaping, it is essential to have the right tools required for the task at hand. Landscaping is an industry that requires the use of several tools for commercial purposes. In the case of digging, the equipment that is to be used depends mainly upon the size of the hole and the amount of dirt that needs to be removed. Some of the important machinery commercial landscaper’s use for digging includes:

The Excavators:

These are mainly used for shoveling large amounts of soil and dirt which makes them ideal for wide areas. They can also be used to lift large objects and demolish structures.

Compact track loaders:

These are essential for ground preparation, leveling and finishing work. They are the tool needed to ensure  fast and efficient digging to any debt. That is what made it the regular digging tools for all the landscapers.

Wheel loaders:

A wheel loader is used for many reasons, but mainly for moving materials and carrying heavy loads. Landscapers have this as one of their digging tools. So, if you are getting into landscaping service, you must learn how to make use of wheel loaders.

Multi terrain loaders:

These are capable of working in every natural condition except for open water. Just as then name sound, it is used in multi terrain landscaping service.

As much as heavy machinery is important to have as commercial landscapers, it may not always be necessary. Some tools required for proper landscaping are much simpler and can be just as useful as heavy machinery. A number of these tools include:


A lawnmower is an important aspect of a landscaper’s toolkit, as it is ideal for gardening and cutting grass quickly and effectively. Using a commercial lawn mower is perfect for the job although it may be more expensive than a simple residential lawn mower.


Shovels are ideal for digging, gathering and spreading compost, and planting. There are several varieties of shovels such as digging shovels and flat shovels. Each one has their unique purpose. It is important to get a shovel with a blade that comes to a point and is suitable for your weight and build.

Shears, Glove and garden rake: Mostly used for reaching areas that cannot be operated on by the lawnmower such as pathways and flower gardens. There are manual and electrical operated models. Using proper gloves reduces the risk of injuries from sharp object like branches, bark and thorns. The rakes are used for tilling(loosening) the soil rather than for cleanup.


In the landscaping industry, there a vast amount of tools required for the best results in commercial landscaping. Understanding the task at hand is important as this will determine what kind of tool or machinery to make use of.

Commercial Lawn Care: How It Differs From Home Lawn Care

When you think of the difference between commercial and residential lawn care, what you should remember is B2C and B2B. The difference between the two is simply in the motive of consumers. The behavior and habits of those that come for this service are a major distinction. The truth is that commercial lawn care differs from home lawn care in several ways. Some of these distinctions range from functions, challenges, different goals, pricing, expectations, and more. The complexity of home lawn care is not to compare with commercial lawn care.

The Complexity of the job

One distinction between home and commercial lawn care is in complexity. There are a lot of requirements from those handling commercial lawn service. The equipment necessary to carry out the job is also different, which is the reason the job is reserved for trained and skilled lawn care experts. To handle the complex lawn job you need sophisticated and more complex equipment.

Workers and clients’ Expectations

When you want to handle commercial lawn care, you must be ready to face the expectations that come with it. With the high expectations come more financial consequences to bear. To avoid mistakes in the quote and other financial implications, you must investigate the job properly. With the high expectations of the commercial clients, comes the need for the lawn care companies to intensify their effort. More so, the specifications of commercial clients are different from those of residential clients. They often demand tenant satisfaction, rental property attractiveness, and more.

The Competition in the industry

The commercial market has intense competition, and lawn care is not an exception. It is more difficult to win a new business in a BTC market than in B2B. That is the same when it comes to winning a commercial lawn care business. But the exciting thing about commercial lawn job is that it brings a higher rate to compare to the residential.

Pricing and estimates for the job

Pricing and estimates are among the distinctions between commercial lawn care and home lawn care. The formal is price driven and also competitive. Knowing the right commercial pricing is necessary when you want to handle the job efficiently. It is what you need to plan your service more efficiently.


The equipment, price, and expertise requirements for commercial lawn care are different from home lawn care. So, when you want to hire a company for your job, you must consider their experience depending on what you need.

Will A Lawn Care Company Take Care Of Landscaping, Too?

When it comes to taking care of your lawn and landscape, it is necessary to know the right company to hire. You need to find out the things included in the service of lawn companies and the things not included before you go for the job. Also, it is necessary that you figure out the best way to handle your landscaping if the lawn company is not responsible for taking care of it. To get an answer to this question, it is necessary to find out the meaning of landscaping. You have to know the responsibilities that come with the job before taking it up.

What is lawn care?

The lawn care is the act of providing total care to your lawn. The care given to the lawn is to ensure the health of the soil and turf. Lawn care also has to do with treatment of lawn. The treatment include fertilization, soil health, weed control and management of turf disease. Therefore, the lawn care companies do not necessarily handle landscaping service. Unless the company listed landscaping as part of the service they render. So, you should not expect the lawn care company to handle your landscaping, as the two services are not completely the same.

The lawn maintenance and landscaping service you need to know

Lawn maintenance is a different service, which most people confused to lawn care. The lawn maintenance include the removal of debris, edging borders, leaves, spring, mowing grasses and fall and spring cleanup. The lawn maintenance is one of the most essential when you want to plan new landscaping jobs. With this, you can realize that the lawn maintenance company can also be responsible for landscaping than the lawn care company.

When to hire a landscaping company

It is necessary for you to know the right time to contact a landscaping company. The truth is that most homeowners do not need the service of a landscape company. You need the service when you do not have the skill, tools or vision to handle the landscaping service. Also, you will need landscaping service when  you want to update your existing lawn, but do not know how to do it. Do you want to improve the curb appeal of your lawn, you need the service of a landscaping company.

How to hire the best team for your landscaping and lawn care If what you have been searching for is the best way to improve your lawn and give it a perfect look, you are welcome. The lawn care company is available to meet your needs. To hire the best company for the job, you should read through testimonials of others

Outdoor Maintenance Checklist For Facility Managers

When it comes to facilities and management services, there are some things to put to mind. The list of the facility managers is continuous, as new items are added to the list daily. The checklist helps facility managers to track the activities they need to do and know the right time to do them. Tracking things to do and when to do them is becoming increasingly difficult, and you can learn more ways to get it done the right way here. One more the facility manager need the maintenance checklist to carry out different tasks on a daily bases. The checklist details the frequency of inspections and the areas the maintenance will take place.

The reasons you need an outdoor maintenance checklist as a facility manager

There are various reasons for the outdoor maintenance checklist. The number one reason is to make sure that the equipment and assets have an elongated lifespan. Another reason for the use of the maintenance checklist is to enable the facility management teams to respond to fewer requests on reactive maintenance. So, as a facility manager, you must have the checklist to guide your team and get the job done the right way.

The garages and packing lots checklist for facility managers

With over 20% record of annual vehicle accidents happening in the parking lots, the only way to solve this problem is to maintain the parking lots and garage properly. To ensure proper maintenance of the parking lots, there are some things to include in the maintenance checklist. The things to include in the checklist include:

  • Entrance and exit labeling to remove obstructions, following ADA regulations
  • Gate inspections to ensure the perfect functioning
  • Consider the safety shut-off of the gate and ensure it is working properly for the sake of emergency
  • Check the vents and chimney
  • Provide shovel snows
  • Get rid of the debris from curbs, signage, and pavement.

The windows and doors maintenance

Windows and doors replacement is not a frequent job. But there is a need for regular inspection regularly to make sure they function well. Some things on the list here include:

  • Get rid of debris and grime from door tracks and window sills
  • Inspect the inner and outer finishes and ensure there are no water leakages
  • Inspect the knobs and locks and make sure they are working properly
  • Put a non-stick lubricant t the doors or windows with sliding functionalities.


Preparation for a seasonal building is another thing you should always consider when you want to take advantage of the maintenance checklist. The first is to check the exterior and interior piles for freezing signs and more.

Does A Business Need A Dedicated Pest Management Company

Pests are tiny organisms that tend to cause damages. Residential and commercial properties need proper pest control management to avoid pest-related damage. So when you have a sign of pest infestation in your commercial property and want to avoid the damage the best is to hire a dedicated pest management company. You need a licensed, insured, and equipped dedicated team of pest managers to make sure pests are completely eradicated from your property. But, most business owners often want to know whether it is ideal for them to hire a dedicated company for their pest management. If you are asking the same thing, you should not ask further as the answer to your questions is already before you.

What has dedicated pest management?

Pest management is an essential job for crop producers. The capability of pests to cause detrimental effects to the crop is the reason why business owners into crop production need the service of dedicated pest managers to eradicate pests. The horticultural operations can be affected in different ways, such as quality, quantity, and mainly the aspect f marketability of their grown crops. Since pests are animals, weeds, disease, or insects with a tendency to affect the crop, there is a need to employ the work of a dedicated management company at the slight sign of pests on your farm.

Give your guest a pleasant experiences 

A pleasant experience is what every business owner wants for the guests. That is to make sure that the guests, who are mainly customers and clients repeat their visit. So, if there is an unsettled pest problem in your business, the guests will not be comfortable staying around or coming back for business. Therefore the need to hire a pest control company.

Meet the health standards of your business 

Every business needs certain health standards set for the industry. So, when you have pest issues in your company, the staff, management, and customers will suffer due to compromised health codes. That is what made it necessary to employ the service of the best pest control team.

Make your business environment friendly and convenient

User-friendliness and convenience at the things that can change your business forever. But, if there are pests in your business environment, your plans for giving customers a comfortable and convenient experience will be possible. The good reputation of your business can be tarnished within a twinkle of an eye when you allow pest infestations in your environment.