Outdoor Maintenance Checklist For Facility Managers

When it comes to facilities and management services, there are some things to put to mind. The list of the facility managers is continuous, as new items are added to the list daily. The checklist helps facility managers to track the activities they need to do and know the right time to do them. Tracking things to do and when to do them is becoming increasingly difficult, and you can learn more ways to get it done the right way here. One more the facility manager need the maintenance checklist to carry out different tasks on a daily bases. The checklist details the frequency of inspections and the areas the maintenance will take place.

The reasons you need an outdoor maintenance checklist as a facility manager

There are various reasons for the outdoor maintenance checklist. The number one reason is to make sure that the equipment and assets have an elongated lifespan. Another reason for the use of the maintenance checklist is to enable the facility management teams to respond to fewer requests on reactive maintenance. So, as a facility manager, you must have the checklist to guide your team and get the job done the right way.

The garages and packing lots checklist for facility managers

With over 20% record of annual vehicle accidents happening in the parking lots, the only way to solve this problem is to maintain the parking lots and garage properly. To ensure proper maintenance of the parking lots, there are some things to include in the maintenance checklist. The things to include in the checklist include:

  • Entrance and exit labeling to remove obstructions, following ADA regulations
  • Gate inspections to ensure the perfect functioning
  • Consider the safety shut-off of the gate and ensure it is working properly for the sake of emergency
  • Check the vents and chimney
  • Provide shovel snows
  • Get rid of the debris from curbs, signage, and pavement.

The windows and doors maintenance

Windows and doors replacement is not a frequent job. But there is a need for regular inspection regularly to make sure they function well. Some things on the list here include:

  • Get rid of debris and grime from door tracks and window sills
  • Inspect the inner and outer finishes and ensure there are no water leakages
  • Inspect the knobs and locks and make sure they are working properly
  • Put a non-stick lubricant t the doors or windows with sliding functionalities.


Preparation for a seasonal building is another thing you should always consider when you want to take advantage of the maintenance checklist. The first is to check the exterior and interior piles for freezing signs and more.